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The cyclone collector is commonly used for the removal of coarse or heavy dust particles from an air stream, as a pre-cleaner for more efficient dust collectors and/or a product separator in air conveying systems. The key advantages are that they are low principle cost, low maintenance, and relatively low pressure drops. Cyclone dust collectors are still the most common dust extraction units used by cotton gins, sawmills and timber milling applications where larger particles and high volumes of wood waste need to be collected.

DCS build the 1/3D configuration which are a high efficient cyclone collectors, this is to insure running cost are kept to a minimum. Dependant on the application DCS can also manufacture the 2/2D and squat type collector.

The cyclone collector is not suitable for fine dust particles.

Talk to the team at DCS and find out if a cyclone dust collector is the right collector for your business.

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