Dust Extraction Systems
Modu-Pulse Series

Dust Extraction Systems for Your Business

Industrial dust extraction systems play a critical role in maintaining a safe, clean, and efficient working environment in various industrial solutions. These systems are designed to capture and remove airborne dust, fumes, and particulates generated during manufacturing and production processes. By effectively controlling dust levels, industrial dust extraction systems protect workers from health hazards such as respiratory issues and allergies, while also reducing the risk of fire and explosion hazards. Additionally, these systems help extend the lifespan of machinery by preventing dust buildup and potential damage. Investing in a well-designed dust extraction system ensures compliance with industry regulations and standards, enhances workplace safety. Trust the Modu-Pulse Dust Collector for reliable and efficient dust collection in your industrial operations.

Australian designed, Australian made, Australian owned.

DCS have installed dust collectors through out Australia, New Zealand, Asia and Europe. With 35 years experience in design, manufacture and installation of industrial dust collectors, we ae the right people to talk to.

We can custom design the perfect solution for your needs. All dust collectors are designed and manufactured to order. This way we can ensure that you are getting the best value for money and not selling something which you simply don’t need or require.


  • Efficient Reverse
  • Pulse Cleaning System
  • Pressed corners to reduce metal fatigue
  • Dust Plenum/ Pre-separation Chamber for better filter life.
  • High Cv Pulse Valves
  • 3mm steel casing and fully welded stiffeners
  • Two pack paint system as standard.


  • Hopper options refer data sheet 302
  • Integral or remote mounted fan.
  • Access ladders & Platforms.
  • Discharge valve options
  • Anti-static filters & Explosion vents.

    Custom Industrial Extraction Systems

    Flexible solutions for your business needs

    At Dust Collection Services, we understand that each business has unique requirements when it comes to dust collection. That’s why our team designs and manufactures custom Modu-pulse dust extraction systems tailored to your needs. We will custom design an efficient dust extraction system to suit your exact requirements.


    Modu-pulse collectors use efficient extended surface filters with moulded urethane tops and bases, which are made in Australia under a joint venture arrangement with Envi-Filter A/S of Denmark.

    The use of these filters, which have over four times the filter area of an old style filter bag, means that the collector can be made smaller and therefore more economically without sacrificing quality or performance.

    • Standard polyester
    • Aluminised anti-static polyester
    • PTFE coated for sticky dusts
    • PTFE membrane

    A lot of dust collectors are modular and manufactured overseas, these dust collectors will not handle the tough Australian working conditions and are often built from inferior material. A modular design simply means it was not built for your specific needs. Don’t make that mistake and contact DCS today.

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