Waste Paper and Recycling Plants

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When designing a dust extraction or material handling system for your waste paper or cardboard processing, recycling or manufacturing facility, there are some key points to consider.

Volume of product being processed. This is important because a system that has not been designed with efficient capacity will result in common blockages in the ducting and or the dust collector. Often leading to down time for maintenance which will be costly expense for your business.

Product storage of compaction. The volume of product and the disposal system are just as important as the collector and ducting system. Often with paper recycling or manufacturing facilities that have larger volumes of paper offcut, the disposal or processing of the offcut is compressed with a bailer or compactor. Sizing this bailer or compactor to be able to meet the full capacity of production is vital. Ultimately not designing an efficient disposal system with leave your collector and extraction system running at less than full capacity.

Chopper fans and Shredders. When dealing with larger sized paper or cardboard product material, a chopper fan or shredder may be required to reduce the material to a more workable size. Many dust collection companies are in-experienced with this type of process and will often use inadequate sized equipment or put the product through numerous shredding/chopping machines. This is resulting in a larger power (kW) capacity resulting in an in-efficient system.

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