Pharmaceutical Processing

Australian designed, Australian made, Australian owned.

DCS can design, manufacture and install a complete dust extraction system for the Pharmaceutical Industry.

DCS has experience with pharmaceutical dust extraction with solutions for when product recovery is important or not. The DCS range of Modu-pulse collectors are perfect for containing contaminants within a work or processing area. We can custom design and build a dust extraction systems to suit strict design guidelines and safety standards. With product contamination and occupational exposure, pharmaceutical processing facilities are required to adhere to Australian guidelines. Strict guidelines for human consumption and the risk of potential bacteria growth are important issues when installing a dust extractor system. DCS have many years’ experience with pharmaceutical dust extraction and can design the right product for the job.

DCS supply a complete range of Envi-Filter filters which will be suitable for antistatic, high filtration areas and product extraction.

Some of the key processes involved in with Pharmaceutical dust are

  • Tablet Presses
  • Tablet coating
  • Fluid bed drying
  • Spray drying
  • Blending
  • Granulation
  • General room ventilation
  • Standards for human consumption and potential growth of bacteria

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